Cam-French - Traditional French music and dancing in Cambridge, UK

"Cam-French" is two things: a monthly session of traditional French music and dance, and a mailing list for the announcement and discussion of traditional French music and dancing sessions held in and near Cambridge, UK. We have a "welcome to Cam-French" leaflet which might be of interest.

The sessions

Update, July 2014

The good news: the meeting on the 30th of July will be a Bal with Bof!, who are fantastic. We will be dancing all of the usual dances, and there will be plenty of experts around to help if there are some things which are new to you. We'll be at Grantchester from 8pm as usual, but because we have a booked band prices will be £8 unwaged, £10 waged. If you usually play, this is an ideal opportunity to learn some dances from the other side...

The bad news: as numbers at monthly meetings are still very low, July will be the last regular Wednesday night meeting. The idea at the moment is to try to run two or three events a year, probably at weekends, until we run out of money. The mailing list will remain active, so please feel free to use it to let people know if you're running or going to a French dance event.

Regular sessions are held 8pm-10pm(ish) usually on the last Wednesday in each month, in Grantchester Village Hall. Upcoming dates:

30 July 2014 Bal with BOF! (tickets £10/£8)Grantchester Village Hall, Grantchester, Cambridge

We're also listed in Webfeet which is worth a look for other events.

The music

Some of the tunes which have been played at the sessions are available in PDF format (and in ABC format). You can view the file with Acrobat Reader (a free download). Yes, the music is incomplete... more tunes will be added over time. A couple of past programmes are available to help you decide what to practise! April, May, June, August 2005; March, September 2006; and March 2009. (MC=Massif Central books, PD=Les Panards Dansant book, OB=On Bouge books)

The mailing list

To subscribe to the mailing list, please send an email to To unsubscribe, email Please note that you have to be subscribed to the list before you can send messages to it.

To contact the human running the list, send email to Dave Holland <>. To send Cam-French your flier/advert/gig request, please email rather than sending it to the main list (we'll distribute relevant/interesting stuff to the main list).


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