Cambridge Contra Dance

Hello, we dance American Contra dances in Cambridge (as in Cambridgeshire, England, not Gloucestershire or New Zealand or any other Cambridge you might have come across).

Ely Contra week - Easter 2015 Your chance to do real American Contra dance! During the Easter holidays a hundred odd Americans are going to bring their own Contra band (Wild Asparagus) to stay in Ely and do lots of dancing. See for the full details, but they plan to invite local dancers to join them for dances on Saturday 11th and Tuesday 14th April. The cost will be £10 per evening, and you will need to register in advance to get into the school grounds (either chase the Facebook pages linked to above, or send a mail to contraholiday AT

We meet fortnightly on Friday evenings from 8 to 10:15 pm. Note: we are currently homeless (the church hall where we used to meet has been sold to another church group who are closing it for building works, and we were thrown out at short notice). We have various possibilities for a new hall, so I'm sure we will meet as scheduled on November 7th, but I don't yet know where. Check this Web page later, or join our mailing list to find out. The cost is £ 1:50 per evening.

Newcomers are always welcome, either to dance, or to join in the band.

Want to join our mailing list? Send a message (any message) to (delete the second uk, it's just there to confuse the spam harvesters). I'm sure you wouldn't want to leave, but a message to contra-unsubscribe will get you off, or to contra-help will get you some reply.

Help yourself to an explanation of what Contra dances are.

This gives you the exact dates and we might be able to say where shortly - watch this space
Here is a copy of a flyer if you want to spread the word.


Chase Hugh Stewart who will be happy to answer them.

Try here if you want to look up a dance description.

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