Community Dances Manual recordings

The Community Dances Manuals were issued by EFDSS in the 50s and 60s, and 1977 they started issuing corresponding recordings on LPs. These have been reissued on CD.

See here for track listings for the EFDSS BR records.

The LP track listings were:-

CDM 1 - Blue Mountain Band

Richard Smithfiddle
David Greenaccordion
Margaret Fletcherpiano
Linda Bradshawdouble bass
David Springallguitar
        Recording first released 1978
Side one
1Morpeth Rantlongways (7x32 bars)
Original Tune
Circassian Circle
What about the Down Express
2Patacake Polka(8x16 bars)
Nick Nack Paddy Whack
Little Brown Jig
Polly Wolly Doodle
So-So Polka
3Waves of TorySet dance (5x48 bars)
Shandon Bells
The Devil in Dublin
4Thady You GanderSet dance (4x40 bars)
There's nae luck aboot the Hoose
Poly Put the Kettle On
5Steam-BoatLongways (6x32 bars)
Original Tune
Zeak Waltz
The Steam-Boat
6Three Meet(6x32 bars)
Original Tune
Sir Eglamore
Hey Ho the Morning Dew
Side two
1La RusseSet dance (4x64)
Original Tune
The Wee Man at the Loom
Glen Buchart Lodge
Jean Kirkpatrick's Fancy
2Cumberland ReelSet dance (5x32 bars)
Hilly-go, Filly-go all the Way
The Haymakers
3Waltz Country DanceSicilian Circle (5x40 bars)
Blackbirds and Thrushes
Spanish Ladies
Pretty Polly Oliver
The Bonny Blue Bell
The Greenwood Tree
4Soldier's JoyLongways (7x32 bars)
Original Tune
Far From Home
The Fiddler's Contest
5Cumberland Long EightSet dance (4x32 bars)
'Twas Within a Mile
Auld Donald
6Virginia ReelSet Dance (4x64 bars)
Turkey in the Straw
Lord Alexander's Reel
Hell Broke Loose in Georgia
Billy in the Low Ground

CDM 2 - The Woodley Yeomen

Ian Grahemaccordion
John Robertsfiddle
Malcolm Clarkeelectric acoustic guitar
Harry Elliottdouble bass
Graham Heffernandrums
        Recording first released 1978
Side one
1Double Lead ThroughLongways (6x32 bars)
Originl Tune
2Circle Waltz(7x32 bars)
The Star of the County Down
Rope Waltz
All Round My Hat
Last Rose of Summer
Westering Home
Gosseburgh and My Home
3Norfolk Long DanceLongways (6x32 bars)
Original Tune
Jump at the Sun
Canadian Jig
4Belfast DuckLongways (7x16 bars)
Puddleglum's Misery
Walkin' up Town
5Yorkshire Square EightSet Dance
Flowers of Edinburgh
Brighton Camp
6Hull's VictoryLongways (7x32 bars)
Original Tune
Zeak Waltz
Barbara's Reel
7Bonny Breast Knot (Sussex)Longways (7x32 bars)
Original Tune
Trumpet Hornpipe
Side two
1All the way to GalwayLongways (7x32 bars)
Original Tune
Chain a Lady
Farewell to Whiskey
2Winster GalopSet Dance (5x32 bars)
Original Tune
Mount Stewart House
3Bonny Breast Knot (Devon)Set Dance (6x32 bars)
Original Tune
Baldovan Reel
Victoria Hornpipe
4Butterfly HornpipeSicilian Circle (6x24 bars)
Manchester Hornpipe
London Hornpipe
Newcastle Hornpipe
5GalopedeSet Dance (5x32 bars)
Original Tune
6Bonnets so BlueLongways (7x24 bars)
Original Tune

CDM 3 - David White and his Band

David Whitebutton accordion
Ian Thowpiano accordion
Tony Hurstpiano
Roddy Matthewsviolin
John Wooddouble bass
Alex McPheatdrums
        Recording first released 1983
Side one
1Barbary BellLongways (7x32 bars)
St. Patrick's Day
Jackson's Jig
Irish Washerwoman
Donnybrook Boy
Pet O' The Pipers
Rakes of Kildare
Father O'Flynn
2Durham RangersSet dance (5x16 bars)
Original Tune
Rakes of Mallow
Astley's Ride
3Drops of BrandySet Dance (6x32 bars)
Staffordshire Hornpipe
Liverpool Hornpipe
Keel Row
Belfast Hornpipe
4The RilflemanLongways (6x32 bars)
Original Tune
Soldier's Joy
Hesleyside Reel
Old Bog Hole
5Three Meet(6x32 bars)
Original Tune
May Morning
Happy Farmer
6Dorset Ring Dance(5x32 bars)
Dancing the Baby
Cochin China
Staten Island
Side two
1Corn RigsLongways (6x32 bars)
Original Tune
Waddna Gan Tae The Guttin
Nancy's Fancy
Buttered Peas
Golden Farmer
2The TriumphLongways (6x24 bars)
Original Tune
Waverly Steps
Miss Campbell
Nancy's Fancy
Babes in the Wood
3Pins and NeedlesLongways (7x32 bars)
Hexham Races
Hot Punch
I Loe' Nae a Laddie
Major Mackies
4The Tempest (Wiltshire)Double Sicilian (6x32 bars)
Original Tune
Jane's Fancy
Four White Horses
Davey Nick Nack
Kate Dalrymple
5Twelve ReelSet Dance (4x32 bars)
Original Tune
Gordon O' Lesmore
6Reels(8x32 bars)
Fairy Dance
Callum Beg
Lass O' Paties Mill
Landlady of Inver Inn

CDM 4 - Four Leaf Clover

Chris Dewhurstaccordion
John Patrickviolin
Tim Kenneyguitar
        Recording first released 1982
Side one
1Arkansas TravellerLongways (7x48 bars)
Original Tune
Flop Eared Mule
Turkey in the Straw
2Lady Bogart's ReelLongways (9x32 bars)
Major Mackie's Jig
Shafter's Shindig
Red Leicester
The Weaver and his Wife
3Timber Salvage ReelLongways (7x32 bars)
Farewell to Whisky
Pussy Cat
Tiny Bubbles
4Piper's FancyLongways (7x48 bars)
New Rigged Ship
Thursday Night
Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre
Steamboat Quickstep
5Lady Walpole's ReelLongways (7x32 bars)
Original Tune
Hot on his Heels
Side two
1Road to CaliforniaLongways (7x32 bars)
The Covered Wagon
Nottingham Knees-Up
Rockin' Robin
2Green Mountain VolunteerLongways (7x32 bars)
Doc Boyd's Jig
The Railway
Blackberry Quadrille
3Chorus JigLongways (9x32 bars)
Original Tune
4Haymakers JigLongways (7x32 bars)
Maggie Brown's Favourite
Sally Hunter
Lady Mary Douglas
5Sackett's HarbourLongways (7x32 bars)
Crocker's Reel
le Parc de Sceaux
Pont Neuf

CDM 5 - The Ranchers

Brian Wilcocksaccordion
David Flemming-Williamsfirst violin
Lin Martinsecond violin
John Barberguitar
Dick Hobbsdouble bass
        Recording first released 1977
Side one
1Three Sea CaptainsDouble Sicilian Circle (6x40 bars)
Original Tune
Green Laurel Wood
2Reels(7x32 bars)
Left Handed Tushka
Susan Cooper
3Tempest - VermontLongways (7x32 bars)
Ap Shenkin
Kitty McGee
4Dorset TriumphLongways (6x32 bars)
Original Tune
5Jigs(7x32 bars)
Lady Mary Douglas
Jump at the Sun
There Came a Young Man
6The PloughboySet dance (6x32 bars)
Curley Headed Ploughboy
Peat Fire Flame
Silver and Gold
Side two
1Stoke Golding Country DanceSet dance (14x16 bars)
Keel Row
Twin Katy's Reel
2Belgian WaltzSicilian Circle (5x48 bars)
Starry Nights of Shetland
Ca' the Yows, Tae the Knows
Northern Lights
Jellie's Willie
3Boys of OakhillLongways (7x32 bars)
Buggy Ride Jig
A and D
4Ladies TriumphLongways (7x32 bars)
Original Tune
Gentleman Rover
5Dorset Four Hand ReelSet Dance (2x64 + 8 bars)
Original Tunes 1 and 2

CDM 6 - Orange and Blue

Ferial Forster Brownflute and piccolo
Jeanne Norrisfiddle
Roger Nichollsaccordian
David Laingguitar
Nigel Hooksbass guitar
Daphne Nichollsbass guitar
        Recording first released 1979
Side one
1Cheviot rantSicilian Circle (6x32 bars)
Original Tune
Cabin down the Lane
2Fairfield FancyLongways (7x32 bars)
Farmer's Jamboree
Bell's favourite
First Western Change
3Johnny Fetch Your Wife BackSet Dance (4 bars intro 5x40 bars)
Johnny Get Your Hair Cut
One hundred thousand Welcomes
4Margaret's WaltzSicilian Circle (4 bars intro 6x32 bars)
Original Tune
Farewell to Devon
5Opera ReelSet Dance (4 bars intro 6x32 bars)
Original Tune
Young Arthur Daley
6Bridge of AthloneSet Dance (5x48 bars)
The Champion
Jump at the Sun
Side two
1Goathland Square EightSet Dance (2 bars intro 4x32 bars + 16 bars)
Original Tune
2Nottingham SwingLongways (7x16 bars)
Phillebelula all the Way
Paddy McGinty's Goat
Ivy Leaf
Kitty O'Neil's Jig
3Bucksaw ReelLongways (2 bars intro 7x32 bars)
Tipsy Parson
Indian Reel
Reel de Montreal
4Armstrong's WaltzSet Dance (4 bars intro 4x32 bars)
One night in the Sheiling
Willie's drowned in Yarrow
5Devil's DreamLongways (2 bars intro 7x32 bars)
Up jumped the Devil
Fred Roden's Reel
Flop Eared Mule
6Sheep's HillSet Dance (5x32 bars)
The Auld Inn
7Roxburgh CastleLongways (2 bars intro 6x32 bars)
Original Tune
Sheffield Hornpipe

CDM 7 - The Falconers

Roger Wilkinspiano accordion
Liz Wilkinspiano accordion
Maggie Percyflute
Tony Lloydguitar
        Recording first released 1985
Side one
1Walpole Cottage(6x52 bars)
Original Tune
Ward Park
2Foula ReelSet Dance (4x 32 bars)
The Shaads of Foula 1 and 2
3Queen Victoria Country DanceLongways (7x32 bars)
Original Tune
Aunt Mary's Canadian Jig
4East Meets WestLongways (7x32 bars)
The Bluebell Reel
The Bluebird Reel
Aaron's Rarified Air
5Up the Sides and Down the MiddleSet dance (4x32 bars)
Original Tune
6Hast to the Wedding (Sussex)Longways (6x32 bars)
Original Tune
The Champion
Side two
1Third Figure JigSet Dance (16 + 4x48 + 16 bars)
Orcadian Jig
The Belfast Almanac
2Homasassa HornpipeLongways (7x32 bars)
Tin Gee Gee
Sally There's a Bug on Me
3La Poule QuadrilleSet Dance (4x48+8 bars)
Original Tune
Whose? Jig
4The Quaker's WifeLongways (6x32 bars)
The Hesleyside Reel
Mr. Sharp's Quadrille
ballantybe's Rant
5The Royal AlbertLongways (6x40 bars)
Original Tune
6Judge's JigLongways (7x32 bars)
Chickadee's Polka
Four and Twenty