Barn Dance recordings

EFDSS released various LPs in the BR sequence in the 1970s and 80s.

BR 1 and 2 were recordings by the Greensleeves band of assorted ceilidh dances

BR 3 was a Greensleeves recording released in 1973 - English Folk Dancing in the Primary School

BR4 was a recording to go with the booklet Callers' Choice 1 (so far as I know there never was a recording for Callers' Choice 2)

BR 5 was another Greensleeves recording aimed at children

BR6 was a Flowers and Frolics record Sold Out

BR7 was a Wild Thyme record Captain's Ceilidh, for the book Captain's Ceilidh of dances mostly by Jean Butler, with tunes mostly by Dave Brown. The book was published in 1982 to commemerate Maritime England Year.

BR8 was another Greensleeves recording called Barn Dance Singalong of music hall songs suitable for assorted ceilidh dances, originally issued by the band, but later reissued by EFDSS in the BR series.

See here for track listings for the Community Dances Manual recordings

The BR track listings were:-

BR 1 - Barn Dance - Greensleeves

Denis Darkeaccordion
Mike Morleyfiddle
Den Rableyfiddle
Michael Pearsepiano
Bob Rendledrums
        Recording first released 1972
Side one
1Gay GordonsCouple dance (4 + 10x16 bars)
The Meeting of the Waters
Marching down to Fyvie
2Cumberland Square Eight(2x64 bars)
My Love is but a Lassie Yet
3Cumberland Square Eight - encore(2x64 bars)
Cock of the North
4Jigs for American Contras(4 + 6x32 bars)
Major Mackie's Jig
Miss Bennet's Jig
The Weaver and his Wife
5Circle Waltz(4 + 6x32 bars)
I Belong to Glasgow
Little Annie Rooney
Daisey Bell
She was one of the early birds
Two Lovely Black Eyes
After the Ball
6Nottingham Swing(8x32 bars)
Phillebula all the Way
Paddy McGinty's Goat
Country Gardens
7Blaydon Races(4 + 6x32 bars)
Blaydon Races
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
Home Boys Home
Side two
1Soldier's Joy(6x32 bars)
Soldier's Joy
Jessie's Hornpipe
Polly Stewart
2Texas Schottische(7x16 bars)
Texas Schottische
Click go the Shears
Allies Reel
3Dorset Four Hand Reel(2x64 + 8 bars)
Dorset Four Hand Reel
4Waltz Country Dance(5x40 bars)
Bonny Tyneside
The Red Lark
The Cricklepit
5La Russe(4 + 4x64 bars)
La Russe
Jane's Fancy
I'll gang nae mair to yon toon
6Dashing White Sergeant(6x32 bars)
Dashing White Sergeant
The Piper's Cave

BR 2 - Barn Dance Two -Greensleeves

Denis Darkeaccordion
Robin Challonfiddle
Den Rableyfiddle
Heather Saundersfiddle
Wilf Saundersfiddle
Michael Pearsepiano
Bob Rendledrums
        Recording first released 1975
Side one
1The Cottagers(6x32 bars)
Irish Rover
Bonnie Dancers
2Farmer's Jig(4 + 4x32 bars)
Life on the Ocean Wave
John Brown's Body
3Farmer's Jig - Encore(4 + 4x32 bars)
McMarara's Band
I'm Henry the Eight
Ship Ahoy
4Oregon Trail(7x32 bars)
Golden Slippers
Old Grey Bonnet
Liza Jane
oh Susanna
5Yorkshire Square Eight(4x32 bars)
Miss Forbes' Farewell
The Rose Tree
6The Steamboat(5x32 bars)
Steamboat Hornpipe
The Lobster Pot
Side two
1Double Quadrille(4 + 5x64 bars)
Jolly Coppersmith
2Wiltshire Six Hand Reel(4x32 bars)
Da Glebe
3Lucky Seven(6x32 bars)
The Tinker
Firey Clock Face
4Armstrong's Waltz(4 + 8x32 bars)
Gentle Maiden
The Rope Waltz
Fairy Lullaby
My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
5Washington Quickstep(6x32 bars)
Lady in the Boat
Rosin the Beau

BR 3 - English Folk Dancing in the Primary School -Greensleeves

Denis Darkeaccordion
Mike Morleyfiddle
Den Rableyfiddle
Bob Rendledrums
        Recording first released 1973
Side one
1Brighton Camp(4+5x24 bars)
The Girl I Left Behind Me
2Durham Reel(5x16 bars)
A Hundred Pipers
3Durham Reel - Encore
4Pat-A-Cake Polka(9x16 bars)
Nick Nack Paddy Whack
Little Brown Jug
When I First Came to This Land
5Bonnets so Blue(2+7x24 bars)
Bonnets so Blue
The Month of May
6Haste to the Wedding(3x40 bars)
Haste to the Wedding
7The Ribbon Dance(4+6x24 bars)
Ribbon Dance
8Three Meet(6x32 bars)
When Daylight Shines
The Rustic
Side two
1Lucky Seven(6x32 bars)
The Happy Cavalier
Three Scamping Rogues
2Thady You Gander or Irish Trot(4+4x40 bars)
There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose
Keel Row
3A Trip to the Cottage(4+6x32 bars)
A Trip to the Cottage
The Long Dance
4Goddesses(11x16 bars)
5The Cumberland Reel(6x32 bars)
Cumberland Reel
The Soldiers Dance
6Sicilian Circle(6x32 bars)
The Bob Tailed 'Oss
Mutton Chop

BR4 - Callers' Choice - The Ranchers

Brian Wilcocksaccordion
David Flemming-Williamsfirst violin
Lin Martinsecond violin
John Barberguitar
Dick Hobbsdouble bass
        Recording first released 1975
Side one
1Reel of BallymoreCircle Mixer (6x32 bars)
John of Paris
Lanigan's Ball
2Jubilee ReelLongways (6x32 bars)
Original Tune
Captain McGuire
3The MilitiaSet Dance (3x32 bars)
Original Tune
4The Militia Encore(3x32 bars)
H.M.S. Pinafore
5Whifflers ReelDouble Sicilian Circle (6x32 bars)
Oliford Jack
Rattling Bog
6Jail House JigLongways (6x32 bars)
Da Brig
7Atlantic HornpipeLongways (7x32 bars)
Goodbye Girls, I'm Going to Boston
Road to Boston
Side two
1Nibs Goes WestDouble Sicilian Circle (7x32 bars)
Original Tune
Jean's on the Fiddle
2Twelve ReelSquare Set (4x32 bars)
Jackson's Escape
3Twelve Reel - Encore(4x32 bars)
4Morden ReelLongways (7x32 bars)
MacFriesian's March
Old Air
5Dixon SixsomeProgressive Threesome (6x48 bars)
Belfast Almanac
American Dwarf
6Patrick Tobin's ReelDouble Sicilian Circle (6x32 bars)
Sheehan's Reel
Fairy Dance

BR 5 - English Country Dances For Young Folk -Greensleeves

Denis Darkeaccordion
Marion Antrillfiddle
Robin Challansfiddle
Den Rableyfiddle
Wilf Saundersfiddle
Michael Pearsepiano
Bob Rendledrums
        Recording first released 1978
Side one
1Flowers of Edinburgh(7x32 bars)
Weavers Rant
2Meeting Six(4x32 bars)
The Stone Court
Rattle the Cash
3The Rose Tree(7x32 bars)
Early One Morning
The Man at the Loon
4Kendal Ghyll(4+3x40 bars)
5Tom Pate(6x32 bars)
The Nutting Girl
O'Adam Buckham O!
6Huntsman's Chorus(5x50 bars)
Old Towler
Side two
1Nancy's Fancy(8x24 bars)
The Key to the Door
2Turn Off Six(3x48 bars)
Winham's Reel
Come Let Us Dance and Sing
3Bridge of Athlone(5x48 bars)
Rakes of Kildare
Pet of the Pipers
4The Holly Berry(4x40 bars)
Bracken Rigg
West End Hornpipe
5We Won't Go Home Till Morning(4+7x32 bars)
6Galopede(6x32 bars)
Astley's Ride

BR6 - Sold Out - Flowers and Frolics

Trevor BennettTrombones, Fluegel Horn, Helicon
Mike BettisonMelodeon
Roger DigbyAnglo Concertinas
Rob GiffordPercussion
Nick HavellBass Trombone
Dan QuinnMelodeons
Chris SmithSounds
Sue BainbridgePiano
Ken LeesBanjo
        Recording first released 1984
Side one
1The Willow Tree48 bar jigs
Oats, Beans, and Peas
When Daylight Shines
2Buttered Beans32 bar polkas
Bobby Shaftoe
Mickey Chewing Bubblegum
3The Jolly Roger32 bar jigs
Bonny Lass
The Merry Month of May
4The Demon's Rant32 bar polkas
La Scottisch
Orlando's Return
5The Swedish Waltz32 bar waltzes
The Man in the Moon
Valse Clogue
6Clopton Bridge32 bar hornpipe
Navvy on the Line
Side two
1The Bradstow Reel32 bar hornpipes
Foul Weather Call
Speed the Plough
2The Boston Tea Party32 bar jigs
Jack's Alive
The Fiery Clockface
3Buttered Peas32 bar polkas
The Merry Girl
Pepper in the Brandy
4Stoke Golding Country Dance32 bar hornpipes
Whiskey Hornpipe
The Man From Newry
5The Caerphilly March32 bar marches
Ben-Hur March
Jimmy Garson's March

BR7 - Captain's Ceilidh - Wild Thyme

Dave Brownfiddle, descant recorder, mandolin, guitar
Tina Brownbass guitar
Elvyn Blomfieldkeyboards
John Blomfieldmelodeon, percussion
Jean Butlerpiano accordion
        Recording first released 1986
Side one
1The Saucy SailorSicilian Circle (7x32 bars)
Original Tune
The Wind and the Rain
2Ensign RagLongways (7x32 bars)
Original Tune
McAndrew's Tonic
3The Mary RoseSet Dance (3x32 bars)
Original Tune
4The Boston Tea-PartySet Dance (6x32 bars)
Goodbye Girls, We're Going to Boston
Port and Starboard
5Drake's DrumLongways (7x32 bars)
Wild Thyme
6Southsea CrumbleSquare Set (4 + 7x32 bars)
Original Tune
Side two
1Trafalgar SquareSquare Set (4 + 7x32 bars)
Original Tune
2The Jolly RogerCircle Mixer (7x32 bars)
Original Tune
The Wagon
3The Capstan FiddlerSet Dance (3x32 bars)
Original Tune
4Peter's GalleonSet Dance (3x64 bars)
Original Tune
5Anchors AweighSet Dance twice through (6x32 bars)
Original Tune
6Atlantic HornpipeLongways (7x32 bars)
Woodworm Way
Jaffa's Jog

BR 8 - Barn Dance Singalong - Greensleeves

Denis Darkeaccordion
Marion Attrillviolin / viola
Robin Challonviolin / tambourine
Den Rableyviolin
Wilf Saundersviolin
Michael Pearseelectric piano
Bob Rendledrums
        Recording first released 1981 by Greensleeves, re-released in 1986 by EFDSS
Side one
1Pack up Your Troubles4 + 7x32 bars 2/4 time
Pack up Your Troubles
When You Wore a Tulip
Don't Dilly Dally on the Way
It's a Long Way to Tipperary
Sons of the Sea
Who Were You With Last Night
Goodbye Dolly Grey
2Come Dance and Sing2 + 8x16 bars 4/4 time
The Honeysuckle and the Bee
It's a Great Big Shame
Lily of Laguna
Daddy Wouldn't Buy me a Bow Wow
Just Like the Ivy
Little Dolly Daydream
Waiting at the Church
The Soldiers of the Queen
3Oh! What a Lovely War4 + 6x32 bars 6/8 time
Jolly Good Luck to the Girl Who Loves a Soldier
Put me Amongst the Girls
Oh! Oh! Oh! What a Lovely War
The Army of Today's Alright
All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor
4The Gay Nineties4 + 6x32 bars 3/4 time
Daisy Bell
She Was One of the Early Birds
I Belong to Glasgow
Sweet Rosie O'Grady
Two Lovely Black Eyes
After the Ball
5Party Favourites4 + 4x32 bars 6/8 time
McMamara's Band
John Brown's Body
I do Like to be Beside the Seaside
If You're Irish Come Into the Parlour
6Martial Moments4 + 6x32 bars 2/4 time
When the Guards are on Parade
There's Something About a Soldier
When a Soldier's on Parade
The Toy Drum Major
Side two
1Over There4 + 6x32 bars 2/4 time
Give my Regards to Broadway
The Caissons go Rollin' Along
The Marines Hymn
Over There
2Sing as we Go4 + 8x32 bars 6/8 time
There's a Good Time Coming
Take me Back to Dear Old Blighty
Let's All Go Down the Strand
Hello! Whose Your Lady Friend
Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy
We All Go The Same Way Home
Sing as we go
3Come to the Ball4 + 6x32 bars 3/4 time
Skylark, Skylark
Come to the Ball
Let me Call You Sweetheart
Oh! Oh! Antonio
For Old Times Sake
4Show Time4 + 4x48 bars 6/8 time
Consider Yourself One of us
Hey! Look me Over
5Bless 'Em All4 + 6x32 bars 2/4 time
Kiss me Goodnight Sergeant Major
Wish me Luck as You Wave me Goodbye
We're Going to Hang our the Washing on the Seigfried Line
Run, Rabbit, Run
Beer Barrel Polka
Bless 'Em All
6Goodnight and Good Dancing4x32 bars 2/4 time
The Chanticleer Rag
Lord of the Dance