Country Dance festival calendar in the UK

A couple of people have asked me for this, so I may as well put it on the Web

This is supposed to be a list of dance weekends or weeks people might want to go to in England.

IVFDF (Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival)
End of February / early March

First weekend of May (the weekend before the first Monday in May)

Last weekend of May (the weekend before the last Monday in May)

June - the weekend starting on the third Friday

First week of August (the week containing the first Monday)

Second week of August

Third week of August (the week before the last Monday in August)

Last weekend of August (the weekend before the last Monday in August)

IVFDF is not very ECD - more Contra in US-speak, aimed at the lunatic student audience

IVFDF Eastbourne, Lichfield and Southam are purely dance festivals, the others include other folk activities. IVFDF and Lichfield are just weekends, the others are week-long, or include a public holiday Monday

I recommend Chippenham to people who want to sample a festival since it has everything, but is only a weekend. Sidmouth is enormous (which you might regard as an advantage, or not); the other week- long summer festivals are much smaller so you tend not to get much choice of dance so if there is some band or caller you positively hate then you might find it difficult to avoid them (but then, why would a festival book anyone you hate?)

There are also various dance weekends, in particular at Halsway Manor, but also at assorted Adult Education residential centres and hotels. From time to time people organise days of dance with workshops in the day and evening dances, and of course lots of clubs organise dances so you can usually find somewhere to dance on a Saturday evening.

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