Welcome to Cam-French

(This is a copy of the welcome leaflet that is put out at monthly sessions.)

Cam-French exists to increase awareness, appreciation and participation in French folk dance and music. Our repertoire includes the popular dances from central France and a number of dances from Brittany.

We welcome new members at any time. We aim to be a friendly club where you can learn at your own pace. We emphasise enjoyment of the dance over historically accurate reproduction, and recognise that development of these dances occurs in Britain as it does in France.

Time and place

We meet on occasional weekend afternoons, in the Storey's Field Centre, Eddington, Cambridge, from 2pm until around 5pm.


We ask that each person contributes 2 pounds towards the cost of the event. Those who are playing and not dancing do not have to pay if they do not wish to.

Constitutionally your 2 pounds also makes you a member for the year. Please write your name in the book so we know who our members are.

Mailing list

Club announcements are made on the mailing list (cam-french@cambridgefolk.org.uk). Please email cam-french-subscribe@cambridgefolk.org.uk to subscribe; you must be on the list to post messages to it. If you need a lift then please e-mail the mailing list to ask for one.


You will enjoy dancing more the better you get at it, and you will get better by dancing with different people. If you have a preferred partner, please consider dancing with other people for at least half of the event. If you are an experienced dancer then we would be grateful for your assistance in spending some (but not all) of your time dancing with less experienced dancers and helping them learn. Likewise, if you are a less experienced dancer please feel free to ask others to dance in order to assist your learning. Where there are sufficient experienced dancers, we rely on individual tuition such as this to teach the basic dances.

Where required some dances, especially those involving more than one couple, are taught to the whole group at once. Where something particularly complicated needs teaching, we aim to teach it at the beginning of the session.

If you know a dance or variation which you think would be of interest to the group, we would love to learn it, provided it will not take an unreasonable time to learn. Please discuss with whoever is responsible for the programming of the meeting.


We welcome musicians of all levels. There is a club tune book containing popular tunes for the dances, which can be found at http://www.cambridgefolk.org.uk/cam-french. We ask that at least every other dance should use tunes from this book. We would love to learn new tunes for dancing, so please feel free to play things which we do not know in between things we do, provided that it is reasonable to expect that other musicians will be able to learn the tune, and the dancers will be able to dance to it.


Cam-French is run by a committee: Dave Holland (Chairman, leads the music on the hurdy-gurdy), Elizabeth O'Beirne-Ranelagh (Treasurer), Andrew Swaine (Secretary, resident teacher), Alison Edmondson, Joachim Kehren and David Barylko. If there is an aspect of the club which you dislike, please tell a member of the committee. If you like the club, please tell your friends. If you are able to help in the organisation of the club, please volunteer to be on the committee.

We hope you enjoy dancing and playing at Cam-French.

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