Midwest Folklore

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Date: Mon, 11 Sep 95 11:26:57
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The Urbana (IL) Country Dancers have published 


a collection of over 100 dances (mostly contras with 
a few squares and others) composed mostly
by persons in the midwest

The book (with a forward by Erna_Lynne Bogue) 
was published as memorial to the late Orace Johnson
who for several years was the leader, organizer,
mentor etc of our group.

The book contains teaching hints and historical
notes about many of the dances, and includes
indices by dance title and by dance difficulty.

The cost is $15 (excluding shipping).
All profits from the book go to the 
Orace Johnson Memorial Trust, the funds from which
will be used to foster dancing and dance education.

The rest of this message consists of 
(i) a list of dance contributors and their contributions
(ii) Ordering information
(iii) The title dance from the book

Dance Contributors and Contributions

Kathy Anderson (Dayton OH, but appearing everywher): Carmen's Hat, 
   The Deep Well, The Long Road
   Southern Nights, Swing Into Matrimony, Weave the Line

Tom Anderson (Urbana IL):  Blackberry Trace

Mike Boerschig (Cincinnati OH):  
   The Barefoot in the Briarpatch Quickstep, Fisher's Corn Cob Pipe,
   The Fishin' Reel, Happy as a Cold Pig in Warm Mud,
   Here's to Good Neighbors, That Old Time Elixir

Erna-Lynne Bogue (Michigan):  Colonel North's Contra Insurgency,
   Compulsory Figures, Mr. Fix's Assignment,
   Silver Lake Waltz, Thornapple Bridge,

Dean Bolton (Bloomington IN):  Locomotion 

Merle Breeding (Kentucky):  Dogleg Left--Par Five 

David Michael Cottle (formerly Urbana, IL; now UT)
   Bluejay, Caspian Tern, Flicker 

Roger Diggle (Madison, WI):  
   Crazy Eights, Crusty Old Salt, Double Dose,
   Lost in Interstellar Haze, Making Hey, Roger's Weather Vane,
   Roll in the Hey, St. Louis Cruise, The Snake Oil Reel,
   The Third Time's the Charm, Vine Street

Michael Fuerst (Urbana IL): 
   A.O.'s No-No, A Chance Encounter,
   Dave Found the Missing Coffee Cup, E.J.M.J.F. in Cincinnati,
   A Fuerst Second Third Time's the Charm, 
   Maybe You Should Write an Easy Dance,
   The Mystery of Edwin Drood,
   Should Have Danced with Nancy, Star Birth,
   Thanksgiving Day Turkey Reheated, And Thinking About Coffee Cups,
   A Third Easy Dance, Where is Tim's Cup?

Janet Holland (Michigan):
   The Beat Goes On, Hey to the Corners, Wave Your Weight

Deborah Hyland (St Louis, MO): 19 Glenaulin

Ken Johnson (St Louis MO): A and J's Reel

Orace Johnson (Champaign IL): 
   Cascades, Cozy Clover Swing, Cozy Nella,
   Do It!, Du Quoin Races, Gander, Gypsy Sailor,
   Irish Stars], M & M's Reel, Midwest Folklore, Money in Both Pockets, 
   Piecing Martin's Quilt  (and Hull's Encounter),
   River Rafting, Simple Circles, Starr Imports,
   Swing into Spring

Kara Keeling (Formerly Bloomington IN, now VA):  Widdershins

Ken Libbey (Cincinnati OH): 
   Sally's Reel, Swinging in the Rain

George Lowrey (the late founder of the Urbana Coutry dancers)
   April's Hornpipe, Ames Amble, Crystal Lake Caper,
   Eagle Creek Yankee, Illini Special, Modified Cayman,
   Mary's Favorite, Polecats' Ramble, Tippecanoe and Tyler Too

Donna McAllister (Knoxville TN):
  Awesome Double Progression Dance, Brown Bag Reel,
  Caught in the Act, Follow the Lady

Al Olson (Chicago IL):
   Alone at the End, New-mown Urbana Snow,
   O.J. Special (named after Orace Johnson)

Mark Richardson (Bloomington IN):
   The Belle of Versailles, Crinkum-Crankum,
   Fair-Haired Cassidy, Fidgety Feet, Gypsy2 (Gypsy Squared),
   Hard Work = Happiness, I'll Follow You Anywhere,
   Martha Dakota's Reel, Peace and Love Contra,
   Richard's Rapid Rappel, Shake, Rattle and Stroll,
   Three Bricks Shy, Unity Among Friends

Mike Richardson (Seattle WA):   Dancing and the Road to Hell

Jonathan Sivier (Champaign IL):  Swing on a Star

Bill Sudkamp (Chicago IL): 
   Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, The Blob's Reel,
   Hey 'Round the Corner, Parallel Dried Alfalfa, Them

Paul Tyler (Chicago IL): 
   Al's Advice, Thornburners' Reel

Aaron Weiss  (Champaign IL):
   Hyla's Flirt, Kimmswick 90, Knoxville Memory

Send your address, book title, and U.S.$15.00 per book plus shipping at $3 per book for North America and $6 for the first book and $3 per copy thereafter for Europe to:

Orace E. Johnson Memorial
c/o Laura Sleade
1601 W. Park
Champaign, Illinois, USA, 61821

Make checks payable to: Johnson Memorial Trust

Midwest Folklore  (Becket) 
by Orace Johnson (Title dance from the book)

A1   Slide left to face a new couple,
       Circle left 3/4,  neighbors do-si-do

A2   Neighbors balance and swing

B1   Circle left 3/4, partneres do-si-do

B2   Partners balance and swing