Eddie Upton
has published:-Caedmon Capers
has written:-Billy's Hornpipe
Bradstone Reel, The
Bradstow Reel, The
Buttered Beans
Caedmon Capers
Chancellor's Farewell
Dalton Square
Demon's Rant, The
Drill Hall Rant
Farnham Frolic
Frenchman's Folly
Friary Jig
Gateshead Two Step
Hollins' Jig
Ides Of August, The
The Bradstow Reel
Magic Roundabout, The
Oak Tree, The
Potter's Wheel
Regency Hornpipe, The
Ryton Hirings
Saltwell Square Eight
Saturday Morning
Willow Waltz, The

These data were kindly typed in by Bob Howe on 1999-06-06
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