Trad American
has written:-Birdie In A Cage
Foward Six - Fall Back Six
Hinkey Dinkey Parlez-Vous
Inside Arch - Outside Under
Irish Washerwoman, The
Jenny Crack Corn
Ladies To The Centre
Lady Round Lady - Gent In Tow
Lady's Choice - Cheat Or Swing
Little Sisters
Opposite Couples Out And In
Reel The Set
Right And Left Through - Swing Center Two
Right Hand Up - Left Lady Under
Right-Hand Star
Sides Divide And Center Star
Split The Ring And Do-Sa Partners
Steal A Little Peek
Steal That Lady
Swap And Swing
Swing The Gal Behind You
Three's A Crowd
Tumbleweed - Out And In
Virginia Reel, The
Weave A Basket

These data were kindly typed in by Bob Howe on 1999-06-06
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