John Chapman
has published:-Dancing Through The Night
has written:-Arden Folk Contra
Caledonian's Gallop, The
Clopton Bridge
Crowcombe 274
Dee's Sicilian
Godfrey's Gallop
Happy Birthday Waltz, The
Holiday Fellowship Reel
I Think I'm Going To Make It All The Way
I'll See You In My Dreams
IVC Contra
John's Ceilidh Dance
John's Jubilee Waltz
John's Schottische
Mayflower Hall Hornpipe
Meriden Merriman
Promenade And Star
Rebecca's Roundabout
Remember The Left Hand Star
Stoney Stanton Hoedown
Sue's Gallop
Susan Helen's Fancy
Walk The Chalk Line
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Tin Pearl Reel
China Ruby Reel

These data were kindly typed in by Bob Howe on 1999-06-06
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