Old Time and Novelty Dancesauthor: Cecil H. Taylor
Contents - 40 dances
Alberts, The
Barn Dance, The
Berlin Polka, The
Boston Two Step, The
Caledonians, The
Circassian Circle, The
Cobbler's Polka, The
County Cotillon, The
Dream Waltz, The
Eightsome Reel, The
Foursome Reel, The
Galop, The
Guard's Patrol
Hesitation Tango Waltz
Highland Schottische, The
Lambeth Walk, The
Lancers, The
Mid-Victorian Waltz, The
Military Two-Step, The
Palais Glide, The
Polka Mazurka, The
Polka, The
Progressive Quadrille
Quadrille, The
Rinka, La
Royal Empress Tango
Saunter, The
Schottische, The
Sir Roger De Coverley
Spanish Tango, The
Spanish Waltz
St. Bernard's Waltz, The
Valse A Trois Temps
Valse Cotillon, The
Varsoviana, The
Veleta, The
Washington Post, The
Yale Blues, The

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