Square Danceauthor: Ralph J. McNair
Birdie In A Cage
Box The Gnat
Duck For The Oyster
Elbow Swing
Foward Six - Fall Back Six
Hinkey Dinkey Parlez-Vous
Inside Arch - Outside Under
Irish Washerwoman, The
Ladies To The Centre
Lady Round Lady - Gent In Tow
Lady Round Two
Lady's Choice - Cheat Or Swing
Life On The Ocean Wave
Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane, The
Little Sisters
Old Arkansaw
Opposite Couples Out And In
Reel The Set
Right And Left Through
Right And Left Through - Swing Center Two
Right Hand Up - Left Lady Under
Right-Hand Star
Ring, Ring; Pretty Little Ring
Row, Row; Row Your Boat
Shoot The Owl
Sides Divide And Center Star
Split The Ring
Split The Ring And Do-Sa Partners
Steal A Little Peek
Steal That Lady
Swap And Swing
Swing The Gal Behind You
Three's A Crowd
Tumbleweed - Out And In
Virginia Reel, The
Waltz Quadrille
Weave A Basket

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