Swing Partnersauthor: Sibyl Clark Mary Evans
Published: 1964
Contents - 36 dances
Barley Reel
Barn Dance, The
Belfast Duck
Blaydon Races
Bridge Of Athlone
Circassian Circle, The
Circle Waltz
Cumberland Square Eight
Dashing White Sergeant, The
Double Schottische, The
Drops Of Brandy
Gay Gordons, The
Grand March, The
Hulichan Roundabout
Hulichan, The
Lucky Seven
Mexican Waltz, The
Ninepins Quadrille
Pat-A-Cake Polka
Paul Jones
Progressive Barn Dance
Progressive Gay Gordons
Red River Valley
Russe, La
Sheep Hill
Sicilian Circle, The
Snake Dance
Snowball Mixer
Stoke Golding Country Dance
Tennessee Mixer
Texas Schottische
Tom Pate
Triple Promenade
Veleta, The
Virginia Reel, The
Waltz Country Dance

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