The Barn Dance Bookauthor: John Reay
Contents - 65 dances
Alabama Jubilee
Barn Dance, The
Blaydon Races
Bradstone Reel, The
Bridge Of Athlone
Brighton Camp
Buffalo Girls
Buttered Peas
Candyman Rag
Celebration Square
Cheviot Rant, The
Circle Waltz
Clopton Bridge
Coming Round The Mountain
Cumberland Long Eight
Cumberland Reel, The
Cumberland Square Eight
Dashing White Sergeant, The
Devon Jig, The
Dorset Ring Dance, The
Doubtful Shepherd, The
Farmer's Jig
Flying Scotsman, The
French Peasants Dance
Galopede, The
Gay Gordons, The
Grand Circle Dance, The
Haste To The Wedding
Haymakers, The
Hunt The Hare
Keswick Galopede
Lancashire Reel
Lover's Knot
Lucky Seven
Norfolk Long Dance
Nottingham Swing
Oxo Reel, The
Pat-A-Cake Polka
Portland Fancy
Rebecca's Roundabout
Rifleman, The
Russe, La
Serbian Dance
Six Reel, The
Speed The Plough
St Bernard's Waltz
Staffordshire Knot
Star Quadrille
Steamboat Quickstep
Stoke Golding Country Dance
Strip The Willow
Sweets Of May
Tempest, The
Three Hand Star
Three Meet
Trip To Barbados
Waltz Country Dance
Weaver's Galopede
Westmorland Cottagers
Westmorland Square Eight
Willow Tree, The
Wind On Loch Fyne
Wring Out The Dishrag

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