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All A-Flutter
All Eight Chain
All Four Ladies Teacup Chain
All Four Men Beermug Chain
All Saints'
Alterations Swing
Alternating Teacup Chain
Arkansas Traveller
Arundel Street
Auld Teaghlaigh Gradh
Barbara Walton's Delight
Barbara's Waltz
Barley Reel
Bath Waltz, The
Beermug Chain
Behind You!
Belle Brandon Set
Bishops Hey
Black Boy, The
Black Nag, The
Black Robin
Blackmore Gardens Contra
Bobbing Joe
Bonnie Cate
Bonny Breastknot, The
Boulanger, La
Bribe, The
Bridge Of Athlone
Bromyard Square
Buffalo Gap Square
Bulock's Hornpipe
Busy, Busy, Busy
Butterfly Wings
Cambridge Hexagon, The
Cast Away Waltz
Caulking Jig
Cecil Sharp House
Celebration Dance
Centrifugal Hey
Chain Through the Star
Chamberlain Election
Charlotte Branle, The
Cheers For The Happy Pair
Chelsea Reach
Cherry Stones
Chippenham Square
Chorus Jig
Christine's Conundrum
Circle For Beth
Circle Hornpipe
Circle Waltz
Clare Plain Set
Clog Branle, The
Clopton Bridge
Close Harmony
Closing Thyme
Colin's Back
Colin's BMX
Colin's Tambourine
Combine Harvester
Come Back to Sorrento
Country Bumpkin
Country Corners Canon
Country Courtship
Country of Marriage, The
Countryman's Hat, The
Cuckoo, The
Cuirassiers Set
Cupid's Garden (Playford)
Dallas Route
Dance For Ever
David's Delight
December Rose
Devil's Dream
Dick's Maggot
Dodgy Dancing
Dorset Four Hand Reel
Dorset Twelve-Hand Reel
Double Branle, The
Double Lead Through
Double Star Through
Double Swing Through
Double Teacup Chain
Double Trouble
Dr. Fauster's Tumblers
Draw Cupid Draw
Drive the Monsieur from Flanders
Duchess of Hamilton's Rant, The
Duchess of York Street, The
Duke of Kent's Waltz, The
Duke of Perth
Duluth Stomp
Dunant House Waltz
Dunsmuir Waltz, The
Dutch Crossing
E & D Waltz
Easter Thursday
Elderberry Bubblegum
Ely Waltz, The
Emma's Waltz
Fain I Would
Falconer Hall
Fan in the Doorway
Fantocini, The
Farewell to the Shore
Fast Packet, The
Festing's Minuet
Ffarwel Marian
Fifth Dimension, The
Five-Star Square, The
Flights of Fancy
Folkus Pocus
For Colin: A Dance with a Difference
For You Shall See
Foxhunter's Jig
Garden of Eden
Gender Balance, The
Gents Spin Chain Through
George Washington's Favourite
Going at Sixty
Going for a Spin
Going West
Gold for Bernice
Golden Dolphins
Good Humour
Gothic Dance, The
Grand Tea Mug Chain
Grandparents Waltz, The
Greyhound to Harrisburg
Grimsditch Hall
Grind that Meal
Half Grand Square
Hands Across the Water
Happy Hoedown
Harper's Frolick
Heidi's Waltz
Her Killing Eyes
Here Goes!
Hitchin Diamond, The
Hobb's Wedding
Hole In The Wall, The
House Party Square
How great is the pleasure
Humours Of The Age
Hunsdon House
Hyde Park
If I Had Maggie In The Wood
Imperial Measure, The
Indian Princess, The
Invisible Mending
Irish Lamentation
Island Chain
Ivor's Surprise
Jack Pudding
Jack's Confusion
Jack's Maggot
Jackey Tarr
Jamaica (set dance)
Janet Murphy's Delight
Jingle Bells Quadrille
John's Folly
Jolly Bishop Of Cleeve, The
Jonathan's Jig
Jug of Punch
Kathy's Balance
Kevin's Celebration Waltz
King's Parade
Knitting Pattern
L'Entrée du Bal
Lady Banbury's Hornpipe
Lady Banburys Hornpipe
Lady Day
Lady Doll St. Clair's Reel
Lark in the Clear Air, The
Laura and Filon
Lavender's Blue
Left, Right and Centre
Lilli Burlero
Little Bit More, A
Love is Little
Love's Triumph
Machine Without Horses, The
MacHinery's Reel
Mad Moll
Maggie's Waltz Square
Maiden Lane
Major O'Flacherty
Mask, The
Maxwell's Rant
Merrily on High
Merry Milk Maids in Green, The
Merry, Merry Milkmaids; The
Michael and Gillian
Milagro Square
Millison's Jig
Miss Claire Moir
Mix and Unmix (Break)
Mock Robin, The
Money for Old Rope
Money In Both Pockets
Montarde Branle, The
Morland Waltz, The
Morpeth Rant
Mount Gabriel Reel
Mr Beveridge's Maggot
Mr Brain's Favourite
Mr Felton's Retirement
Mr Isaac's Maggot
Mr Lane's Trumpet-Minuet
Mr. Downing's Challenge
Mrs Booth's Minuet
Mrs Felton's Maggot
Music will tell you, The
My Lady Dark Eyes
My Lady Winwood's Maggot
Never Love Thee More
New London Assembly
New Man, The
New Minuet / Trumpet Minuet
New Year's Eve
Newhaven Square
Night Crossing, The
No Surprises
Northbourne Hop
Northern Quadrille
Not So Bad!
Nottingham Swing Sicilian
Now is the Month of Maying
Ocean Wave, The
Offa's Dyke
Official Branle, The
Olive Grove, The
On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine
Once A Night
One More Dance And Then
Opera, The
Oranges and Lemons
Orleans Baffled
Pachelbel's Canon
Paine's Fourth Set
Park Lane
Parson's Farewell
Pease Branle, The
Physical Snob, The
Pick 'n' Nick's Contra
Picking of Sticks
Pinagay Branle, The
Pins and Needles
Plain Quadrille
Polka Away
Polka Quadrille
Poodle-Faker, The
Pop the Line
Portesham Breakfast
Powell's Fancy
President's Farewell, The
Pride of the 21st
Prince William
Prince's Favourite, The
Princess, The
Princeton's Silver Lining
Punch Bowl, The
Push Pa, Shove Ma
Put On Thy Smock a Monday
Pye Corner
Queen of Moravia, The
Rachel's Reel
Rebecca's Progress
Red And All Red
Reely Snakey Eighty
Responce, The
Retiring Librarian, The
Ridicule, The
Right And Left Four And Six
Rockingham Hall
Rolling Away
Roman Reel, The
Rose in June, The
Round Hill Wedding
Round Reel Of Eight
Roxburgh Castle
Rufty Tufty
Rumford Assembly
Russe, La
Russian Dance, The
Sackett's Harbour
Safe Home
Saint Louis
Saint Margaret's Hill
Salute to Southam
Save the House!
Save the Last Dance for Me
Shipston Square
Sicilian Figures
Sicilian Switchback
Silver for Gallaghers
Sir Roger De Coverley
Six and Sixpenny Rant
Slender Chain, The
Snowflake Breakdown
Snowflake Waltz
Sociable Set
Soldiers Joy
Song to the Moon
South-East Passage
Spanish Dance
Spanish Dance (1841)
Spring Blossom
Star of Kintra, The
Staten Island Square
Step Stately
Sting in the Tail
Strawberries and Cream
Stroll, The
Summer Reverie
Susan's Celebration
Swirling Waters
Symonds Yat
Take Two Girls
Tamar Rant
Tambourine, La
Tango in Toronto
Tea and Sympathy
Tea for Two
Teacup Chain
Ted meets Pachelbel
Teesside Chase
Temple, The
Ten Year Tested
Texas Star (Break)
Three Ladies Chain
Three Weddings
Tim on the March
Time to Dance, A
Top Marks
Trip O'er Tweed, A
Trip To Keswick, A
Trip To Morland, A
Trip To Sweden, A
Triple Allemande
Triple Chocolate
Triple Delight
Trite and True
Under New Management
Under the Influence
Unrequited Love
Upon A Summer's Day
Vacuum Square, The
Valentine's Day Massacre, The
Viking's Sheepskin, The
Wakefield Hunt
Wallington Diamond Jubilee
Waltz Cotillion, The
Waltzing on Ice
Well Hall
Wheel Of Fortune
Whimbleton House
White Wheat
Whitney's Farewell
Wiltshire Six Hand Reel
Woaf, Die
Women in Charge
Working Man's Reel
Wrong Side of Town, The
Yellow Cat's Jig, The
Yorkshire Square Eight
Young Widow, The

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