EFDSS Community Dances Manuals (bound volume)author: Douglas Kennedy
Contents - 131 dances
All The Way To Galway
American Spanish Waltz
American Waltz Country Dance
Arkansas Traveller
Armstrong's Waltz
Barbary Bell
Barry's Best
Beaux Of Albany
Belfast Duck
Belgian Waltz
Big Circle, The
Big Set Mixer
Big Set-Allemande, The
Black Jack
Blaydon Races Mixer
Bonnets So Blue
Bonny Breast Knot (Somerset And Devon)
Bonny Breast Knot (Sussex)
Boys Of Oakhill
Bridge Of Athlone
Bucksaw Reel
Butterfly Hornpipe
Camp Town Hornpipe
Cheviot Rant, The
Chorus Jig
Circassian Circle, The
Circle Waltz
College Hornpipe
Corn Rigs
Cottagers, The
Cumberland Long Eight
Cumberland Reel, The
Cumberland Square Eight
Derry Down Derry
Devil's Dream
Dorset Four-Hand Reel
Dorset Triumph
Double Lead Through
Double Quadrille
Drops Of Brandy
Durham Reel
East Meets West
Fairfield Fancy
Fifth Column Reel
Fisher's Hornpipe
Flowers Of Edinburgh, The
Foula Reel, The
Galopede, The
Glover's Reel
Goathland Square Eight
Good Girl, The
Green Mountain Volunteer
Haste To The Wedding
Haymakers Jig
Homasassa Hornpipe
Hull's Victory
Hullichan Roundabout
Hullichan, The
Hunt The Squirrel
Jackie's Hornpipe
Johnny Fetch Your Wife Back
Jubilee Roundabout
Judge's Jig
Kate's Hornpipe
Kielder Schottische, The
Ladies Triumph
Lady Bogart's Reel
Lady Of The Lake, The
Lucky Seven
Margaret's Waltz
Meeting Six
Merry Dance, The
Miss Brown's Reel
Morpeth Rant
Norfolk Long Dance
Nottingham Swing
Opera Reel
Patacake Polka
Pin Reel
Pins and Needles
Piper's Fancy
Ploughboy, The
Portland Fancy
Poule Quadrille, La
Princess Margarets Fancy
Princess Royal
Progressive Six Reel, The
Quakers Wife, The
Queen Victoria Country Dance
Rifleman, The
Ring Dance (Dorset), The
Road To California
Roxburgh Castle
Royal Albert, The
Russe Quadrille, La
Russian Ballet, The
Sheeps Hill
Sicilian Circles
Soldiers Joy
Spanish Waltz
Spanking Jack
Speed The Plough
St Patricks Day In The Morning
Steam-Boat (Devon)
Steamboat Quickstep
Stoke Golding Country Dance
Streets Of Laredo
Tempest (Vermont), The
Tempest (Wiltshire), The
Texas Progressive Threesome
Thady You Gander
Third Figure Jig
Three Hand Star
Three Meet
Three Sea Captains, The
Timber Salvage Reel
Tom Pate
Triple Promenade
Triumph, The
Twelve Reel, The
Up The Sides Down The Middle
Virginia Reel, The
Walpole Cottage
Waltz Cotillon
Waltz Country Dance
Washington Quickstep
Waves Of Tory
Wiltshire Six Hand Reel
Winster Gallop
Yorkshire Square Eight

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