Has published the following records:-
Old World - New Dances
New Friends
Old Friends
A Walsh Ball
Pat Shaw's Playford
Playford from the New World
A Purcell Ball
The Inscape Dances
My Family and Other Dances
My Friends and Other Dances
Purcell, Encore
Dance and Danceability
Walpole Cottage
Long Live London
New Wine in Old Bottles
The Pride and Prejudice Collection
Arden Folk Augmented
The Flying Romanos Take Off
A Cook's Tour
Bidford Roundabout
Take A Dance
On the Job
Measured Obsession
The Bonds of Harmony
Cumbriana Jones
Live Music from Halsway Manor
Not Quite the Same
Red Star Line
Jug of Punch and Maggot Pie
From Two Barns 9
English Country Dance Favorites
Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance
A Kynaston Ball
The Blind Harper Dances
Early Instincts
Round Robin
Ring of Eight Celebrates
Something Old and Something New
Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance Vol 2
Band of Friends
Interesting Times
Stowfolk play Naomi's Tunes
Mendham's Maytime
The Dances of Brian Wedgbury
English Echoes
New Dances from the Old Dominion
Under No Illusion
Dancing Across the Atlantic
Holiday Folk Week Dance Music 2
Levi Jackson
Twickenham Ferry
Live From Dan's Hall
Late Arrivals
Impropriety, Vol 1
Spreading Our Wings
Dancing with Masquerade
A Neal Ball
The Introduction
Winter Oranges
Farnicle Huggy
The Emperor of the Moon
Next of Kynaston
Seasons of Invention
More From Dan's Hall
Out of the Hat
Again Not Quite Playford
Hilary's Humours Volume 3
The Beggar's ball
Dances From the Greenery
Hilary's Humours 4
The Goldcrest Collection
Not Quite the 2 of Us
Yet Another Look
Another Look at Playford
Mr Roodman's Fancies

These data were kindly typed in by Hugh Stewart on 2004-10-05
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