Playford from the New World

Playford from the New World
recorded by: Assembly Playerspublished by:
TrackTitleAppropriate for
1Early One MorningEarly One Morning
3Cynthia's WaltzCynthia's Waltz
4Helene's Night OutHELENE'S NIGHT OUT
5The Wedding of Mai and DavidWEDDING OF MAI AND DAVID
6I Care not for These LadiesI Care Not For These Ladies
7The ArchbishopArchbishop, The
8Good Man of CambridgeGOOD MAN OF CAMBRIDGE
9The Road to YouthROAD TO YOUTH
10Sparkling EyesSparkling Eyes
11The Belle of NorthamptonBELLE OF NORTHAMPTON
12Lady Williams' DelightLady Williams's Delight
13Devil's MaggotDEVIL'S MAGGOT
14The Bonny CuckooBonny Cuckoo, The
15Edwin's MaggotEdwin's Maggot
16The Stitcher's BirthdayThe Stitcher's Birthday
17Handel With CareHANDEL WITH CARE
18Winter Dreams WaltzWINTER DREAMS WALTZ
19The Matching PairMATCHING PAIR
20Peace be with YouPeace Be with You

These data were kindly typed in by Hugh Stewart on 2004-10-05
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