Dances with a Difference Volume 3

Dances with a Difference Volume 3
recorded by: The Rampionspublished by: Colin Hume
TrackTitleAppropriate for
1The Valentine's Day MassacreValentine's Day Massacre, The
2Janet Murphy's DelightJanet Murphy's Delight
3Ten Year TestedTen Year Tested
5The Fifth DimensionFifth Dimension, The
6Good HumourGood Humour
7Under New ManagementUnder New Management
8Dutch CrossingDutch Crossing
9A Trip to SwedenTrip To Sweden, A
10A Trip to MorlandTrip To Morland, A
11Colin's BackColin's Back
12The New ManNew Man, The
13The Poodle-FakerPoodle-Faker, The

These data were kindly typed in by Hugh Stewart on 2004-10-29
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