Not Quite the Same

Not Quite the Same
recorded by: West Kirby Bandpublished by:
TrackTitleAppropriate for
1The Dancing WifeThe Dancing Wife
2A Pair of JaysA Pair of Jays
3Room for RamblersRoom For Ramblers
4The New ExchangeThe New Exchange
5My Lady CullenMy Lady Cullen
6For GrahamFor Graham
7Graies Inne MaskeGraies Inne Maske
8Jack by the HedgeJack By The Hedge
9The Silver PrimroseThe Silver Primrose
10Apley HouseApley House
11Chapel HouseChapel House
12Merry HopMERRY HOP
13Love in a MistLove In A Mist
14Love's TriumphLove's Triumph
15Kneeland RompKneeland Romp
16Songs of the HarpistSongs of the Harpist
17Golden Hawk

These data were kindly typed in by Hugh Stewart on 2004-10-29
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