Late Arrivals

Late Arrivals
recorded by: Stradivariouspublished by:
TrackTitleAppropriate for
1Bath CarnivalBath Carnival
2The Shrewsbury LassesShrewsbury Lasses, The
3Scottish Jigs
4The Queen of ShebaQueen Of Sheeba, The
5The Queen of Sheba (Handel)
6The PrincessPrincess, The
7The MatelotMatelot, The
8Spanish JiggSpanish Jigg
9Good Man of CambridgeGOOD MAN OF CAMBRIDGE
11Contra Reels
12The Russian DanceRussian Dance, The
13Prince George's BirthdayPRINCE GEORGE'S BIRTHDAY
14Holborn MarchHolborn March
15St Margaret's HillSaint Margaret's Hill
16Prince WilliamPrince William
18Lord of Carnarvon's JigLord Of Carnarvon's Jig
19The PloughboyPloughboy, The

These data were kindly typed in by Hugh Stewart on 2010-06-02
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