Random points in retrospect

None of the dances really started on time, especially on Saturday evening. (We were planning a quick blast of Also sprach Zarathustra but there was nobody there to appreciate it.)

I was suprised by the amount of lost property; mostly jerseys people had taken off as they got hot, but plenty of other stuff too.

There is no mechanism for constructive criticism. In a sense IVFDF needs to accumulate a list of mistakes to avoid, but the public criticism of the 2001 committee (that they didn't have a copy of the morris tour itinerary in reception) was a bit brutal for the results it achieved (I expect St Andrews took note, but probably nobody else did). There is no incentive for Cambridge to solicit comments because the people running Cambridge are unlikely to run IVFDF again for ages. Perhaps St Andrews should have been running a comments box at Cambridge.

Irish Set and Running Set workshops were predictably popular (they are slightly out of the mainstream, but still understandable by any keen English dancer). I was surprised by the Tango workshop - it seems IVFDF goers are keen on things well outside their mainstrean interests.

We won. It may have been sealing wax and duct tape, but it all hung together.