Ethics of publishing dances on the Web

I have consulted various people who might be concerned and believe the following to be true:-

As dancers and callers we want to encourage people to write good dances; this implies we want authors of these dances to get their just rewards.

Dance authors want to see their dances enjoyed as widely as possible.

Where there are published collections of dances we should encourage people to buy those collections so that in turn the publishers are encouraged to continue their activities.

At present Internet publishing does not seem to be having any significant effect on sales of books. Since the Internet world is evolving rapidly this may change.

At present I believe the following `duties' apply

On me as publisher

I may not simply type in the entire contents of some collection to discourage people from buying it. (Just as I would not lend you a book so you can photocopy it.)
I should describe the dances as the authors intended them. (I might add comments such as "I prefer xxx", but the original intent should be clear.)
I should attempt to let authors know what I am doing, and accept their wishes if they object to my description of their dance, or object to my making their dance freely available.

On you as reader

You should not use access to these dances as a substitute for going out and buying books of dances.
While you are very welcome to use these dances yourself (that's what they are there for) printing them out and selling them is not acceptable. ("Personal use only" as they say in the States.)

On you as author

(I'm not sure these can be duties)
If you disagree with these principles please let me know
If you don't like the way I have described your dance, spelt your name or whatever then please complain.
If you feel publishing your dance 'for free' may hurt you then please ask me to stop.

Just in case anyone interprets the above to say that I am publishing zillions of dances without the author's permission, it is true that I am publishing some without permission, but the majority of dances on this site are either traditional or by authors who have given their permission. No author has yet refused permission or objected (in the couple of cases where he found me rather than vice-versa).
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