Contra Dances

Please bear in mind that while most dance authors are very happy for their dances to be enjoyed by as many people as possible by being made readily available to the world it would be unethical to abuse this by depriving them of any potential income as a result. Mass downloading of these dances for your personal use is marginally acceptable; printing and selling them is clearly not acceptable.
A longer statement of the ethics that I believe apply here

14th of November
24th of June
3, 33-33
19 Glenaulin
32 At Bouchon
94 South Street
Alamo Square
Almost All's Well
Alone At The End
Amicable Settlement
Angular Momentum
Anne's a Bride Tonight
Anniversary Reel
Another Jig Will Do
Apothecary Reel
Arkansas Traveller
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Awesome Double Progression Dance
Be my Valentine
Beaver Lake Jig
Becket Reel
Beneficial Tradition
Betty Mac's Reel
Bicentennial Reel
The Birthday Dance
Blackberry Trace
Blackthorn Reel
Bluemont Reel
Bob's Befuddlement
Box the Gnat Contra
Breathless Contra
Brimmer and May Reel
British Sorrow
California Cloverleaf
The Caller's Wife
Cambridge Reel
Camille's Quadrille
Carribbean Contra
Caspian Tern
Centrifugal Hey
Chaos in Room 6
Cherokee Shuffle
Chorus Jig
Christmas Eve Quadrille
Christmas Hornpipe
Circle Three-Quarters, pass through
The Common Tern
Connoisseur's Contra
Constant Contra
Constellation Square
Contra Complications
Contra Flow
Counter Flow
Crowcombe 274
Dancer's Surprise
Dancing Bear
The Dancing Sailors
Dandies' Hornpipe
Devil's Dream
Dick's No Name Reel
Dixie Twirl Contra
Do Si Do and Face the Sides
Don's Dance #1
Duck Through and Swing
Dud's Reel
E and K
Endless Summer
Eric's Fiddle
Eye of the Storm
Fairfield Fancy
Fairport Harbour
Farewell to Wightman
Fiddler's Fancy
Fiddles on Fire
Flirtation Reel
FLK Mixer
Flowers Of April
Fluid Drive
Follow the Leader
Four Good Turns
Four, Let's Go
Friday Night Fever
Frosty Morning
Gang of Four
Gents and Corners
Good Friday
Gypsy Star
Ham Hoagie
Hamburger Special
Happy as a Cold Pig in Warm Mud
Harke Planet
Hello Cambridge
Here Goes
Here's to the Fiddler
Holiday Jig
Hull's Victory
Inflation Reel
Joys of Quebec -- Rich Castner
Joys of Quebec -- Chip Hendrickson
Judah Jig
Jurassic Redheads
Karin's Quadrille
Katie's Trip to Starbase Twelve
Kopp's on the Loose
Labor Day Quadrille
Larry's Square
The Left Hand
Levi Jackson Rag
Long Pond
Love and Kisses
Love of My Life
Lucy's Dance
Made up Tonight
Magenta Cambridge
Malden Reel
Mayhem and Brownies
Merrilly we Dance and Sing
Midwest Folklore
Mill Creek
Millennium Hug
Monadnock Reel
More Summer Haze
Movers and Shakers
The Nearest Lady
Newlywed's Reel
The Nice Combination
North Cascades
North Shore Mixer
Number 11
Oklahoma Swing
One for the Money
Pasta Machine
Pearl Anniversary Whirl
Pearly Gates
Pell Mell Reel
Petronella Swing
The Phoenix
Pieces of Eight
Pioneer Polka Quadrille
Pre-Op Reel
Proper Symmetry
Pull the Gents
Purple Heys
Push and Shove
Reading Reel
Reel Your Partner
The Rendezvous
The Reunion
The Ritz
Rockport Reel
Roger's Grand Chain
Roll Down
Roll in the Hey
Road to Boston
Rory O'More
Sailors Two
St Lawrence Jig
Salute to Larry Jennings
Scout House Reel
Season's Greetings
Signs of Spring
Settlement Swing
Shadrack's Delight
Shipping and Receiving
Shoot The Moon
The Shuttle Contra
Six Pass through
Snake River Reel
Spoke in the Wheel
Spring Fever
Square Line Special
Star Birth
Star Trek
Stars and Stripes Quadrille
A Summer Night in Seattle
The Summer of 84
Symmetrical Force
Synchromesh Square
Tamboro Jig
Ted's Three-Quarter Chain
Ted's Triplet #3
Ted's Triplet #4
Ted's Triplet #5
Ted's Triplet #7
Ted's Triplet #14
Ted's Triplet #15
Ted's Triplet #21
Ted's Triplet #24
Ted's Triplet #40
Textiles or Furs
Three To get Ready
Timber Salvage Reel
Top of the Deck
The Tourist
Travelling Blind
A Trip to Lambertville
Trust Me, Boys
Two Happy Fiddlers
Tuesday Child
Twiddely Diddely
Vacuum Square
Virginia Reel Square
Waiting on the Corner
Wedding Rings
Weston Super Square
White Coppice
Will Ye No Come Back
Willie and Owen
Winter of 82
With Thanks to the Dean
The Wizard's Walk
Woods Hole Jig
Yankee Reel

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